Objectives of the action Overall objective(s):  Many places in the world environmental protection/conservation and environmental recovery/ rehabilitation are dealt as different issues. Inspired by the recovery and rehabilitation practices from Europe, this action aims (1) to contribute in the recovery and rehabilitation of deserted mining areas by training rehabilitation experts and by creating public awareness about the importance of recovery and rehabilitation.

Specific objective(s): (1) To train certified specialists who will work on the recovery and rehabilitation of the natural environment which was destroyed by former  mining activities and (2) to create public awareness about the importance of recovery and rehabilitation activities

Target group(s): Young people, retired people, environmentalists
Final beneficiaries: Citizens of Turkey
Estimated results: 1-Training and certification of 300 environmental rehabilitation specialists

2-Delivery of awareness seminars on environmental recovery/rehabilitation to 1000 people

3-Preparation of a draft by law will be prepared to be presented to the interested decision makers.

4-Setting up a research and archive platform

5-Stronger and sustainable dialogue and cooperation with the EU CSOs on the environmental recovery and rehabilitation will be institutionalised